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Yttibrium is a green focused, product strategy and market development consultancy. We tackle everything from cutting edge use-cases at hyper-scale to component and solution level projects. From distributed computing, to advanced storage designs, we make your technology more efficient, environmentally responsible and sustainable. Improve your ROI with Yttibrium!

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Yttibrium's deep understanding of emerging technologies and market participants in the datacenter and hyper-scale services provider space is of incredible strategic value in determining which opportunities and relationships have the best potential for our business, enabling us to maximize results while simultaneously saving time and money in the process.

Stacy Kenworthy
CEO / HellaStorm

Yttibrium has an uncanny ability to get right to the point and drive focus on the strategic things that matter

Andy Mills
President and CEO / Enmotus, Inc

Yttibrium’s extensive data center expertise and industry connections have enabled us to broaden our target markets beyond our historical OEM-centric customer set by vetting new product viability, identifying promising collaborative opportunities and facilitating key customer engagements.

Mike Rubino
Vice President of World Wide Engineering / Smart Modular

Yttibrium was instrumental in our Data Center Strategy process, his knowledge of the market and the technology added great value to our product direction.

Ra'ed Elmurib
Vice President Corporate Development PMC-Sierra

Through in depth knowledge of major shifts in computer architecture, Yttibrium identifies the promising paths and resultant impact for product architecture and corporate, product and go-to-market strategies.

Pat Wilkison
Partner / Exponential Partners


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